Acryton Shellac Base Plates

Acryton shellac base plates are used in the process of manufacturing dentures/false teeth in the field of denistry. They provide for temporary denture plates to check the fit and feel for the patient.

  • Color : Yellow
  • Packing : 9 Upper + 3 Lower
  • Quantity : 12 Plates
Acryton Modelling Wax

Acryton dental modelling wax is for making occlusion rims and for setting up artificial teeth like PRESTOROCK during the fabrication of dentures. Our material is colored pink to simulate the natural mucosa so that a more meaningful visual impression of the posthesis can be obtained.

Our dental waxes are mixture of paraffin's, microcrystalline waxes, natural and synthetic raw materials to provide you best results.

  • Color : Pink
  • Packing : 12 sheets